Curriculum vitae


1. Surname: Beliaev


2. First names: Sergey


3. Date of birth: 29th November 1955


4. Nationality: Russian


5. Civil status: Single


6. Education: Master of Law (Yekaterinburg, Russia)

Master of Political Science (Moscow, Russia)


7. Language skills: elementary English


8. Membership of professional bodies:


Member of professional lawyers body, member of professional journalists bodies


9. Present position: President of non-governmental organization Sutyajnik (Yekaterinburg, Russia), Head of the non-governmental educational institution Academy of Human Rights


10. Years within the company: 9 years


11. Key qualifications:


On 29 August 1994 I set up the non-governmental human rights advocacy group Sutyajnik, a law protection organization established in Yekaterinburg. It defends the rights and interests of non-governmental public interest groups and provides free legal assistance to low income citizens. All aspects of the activity of the organization relate to publicly important legal problems and methods of their solutions. They are directed towards establishing the law practice which corresponds to the international standards of human right protection and aimed at establishing the legal state and civil society. Sutyajniks main areas of activity are: (1) providing legal aid, by telephone and at drop in public receptions; (2)  providing incorporation and other legal services to NGOs; (3) representation of citizens and NGOs interests in the courts and other governmental agencies; (4) organization of lobbying campaigns; (5) conduct of training seminars; (6) challenging legislative enactments in the courts; and (7) preparation of applications to the European Court of Human Rights.

Representation of interests of citizens in the courts is one of the most important directions in the activity of NGO "Sutyajnik". The criterion of acceptance of cases by NGO "Sutyajnik" is their social importance. In other words, it goes about only those cases which may be useful for the unlimited circle of persons, which may protect the rights of not only a single man.

Other priority direction of the activity of NGO "Sutyajnik" is providing free consultations on legal issues to citizens.


My main responsibility is direction of human rights projects. For the last year 6 project were implemented under my supervision. These are:

1)                                         Olympiad The Expert of the European Convention on Human Rights" supported by the Council of Europe (Strasbourg, France);

2)                                         Christmas in Prison supported by the Fund of Civil Freedoms (New York, USA). As part of this project, juvenile prisoners and those waiting for a court decision received gifts. The purpose of the project was to attract attention to conditions in which juvenile prisoners are kept in prisons;

3)                                         "The Internship of Lawyers in the European Court for Human Rights" supported by the Institute of International Education and International Program of Internships (Washington, USA);

4)                                         The Urals Resource Centre of Constitutional and International Protection of Human Rights" supported by Open Society Institute (Budapest, Hungary). The project included two parts: 1 - a program of training of lawyers of non-profit organizations of the Urals region in constitutional and international mechanisms of human rights protection, the second part - work of lawyers of NGO Sutyajnik on providing legal assistance to citizens in exercising the right for protection of violated rights and freedoms via the mechanisms of the Constitutional Court of Russia, Charter Court of Sverdlovsk Oblast, European Court of Human Rights and UN Committee of Human Rights;

5)                                         "Judicial Control over the Procedure of Bringing the National Law in Line with Constitutional and International Standards" supported by Open Society Institute Soros Foundation (Moscow, Russia). The purpose of the project to provide assistance to citizens in protecting their rights by appealing against unlawful acts in courts.

6)                                         "Public Internet-Conference-Centre" supported by McArthur Foundation. The purpose of the project: dissemination of legal knowledge and practice of defending human rights.

12. Specific experience:


2000-now the consultant of the Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation


13. Professional experience record:



Date: from








Yekaterinburg, Russia




Non-governmental educational institution Academy of Human Rights







Date: from








Yekaterinburg, Russia




Non-governmental organization Sutyajnik





14. Other skills:


-         Lecturing experience

-         Editing summaries, articles, booklets, books

-         Publishing

-          Preparation and organisation of conferences, press-conferences, seminars, courses, sessions and workshops

-          Managing electorate campaigns

-          Computer literate (word processing, spreadsheets, internet, e-mail)


15. Contact details:


Business address:

620075, Russia, Yekaterinburg,

Turgenev Str., 11-1

t./f.: +7-343-355-36-51