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We Are Sutyajnik. 2005 ANNUAL REPORT


2. Feedback on Sutyajnik


Media on Sutyajnik


 “Yekaterinburg’s organization Sutyajnik finds legal problems where not just any lawyer might perceive them.  And sometimes this organization secures verdicts that help thousands of citizens.”


Yurii Kolesov

Worthless Judgment

 “Vremia novostei,” No. 10.  25 Jan. 2005.

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Interns on Sutyajnik


“Sutyajnik in the present day is one of the very best experts on the international protection of citizens’ rights.  It is immediately visible that this organization is a dynamic one, with precise goals and methods of practice, and with a young collective of lawyers.  Its website is a remarkable informational resource.  On the one hand, it serves as a documentation of Sutyajnik’s human rights activity, and on the other, as a resource for general information on the protection of human rights.”


Oksana Rzhanova, graduate student at the Mordov State University, Saransk, Mordovia

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Governor on Sutyajnik


In 2005, the Governor of the Sverdlovsk oblast expressed gratitude to Sutyajnik for “significant public work, active participation in the development of volunteer movements in the Sverdlovsk oblast, concrete assistance to citizens who need social support, large contributions to the education of rising generations in the spirit of good and mercy, and the embodiment of civic activity and responsibility…”


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Ombudsman on Sutyajnik


“One of the important objectives of teamwork in human rights and in the entire public sector, I think, is the training of public organizations representatives.  With training and the improvement of professional qualifications in mind, Sutyajnik assisted in carrying out training seminars and conferences…  This year saw several seminars featuring experts and representatives of the European Commission and of various civic organizations (MF “Dostoianie,” NGO “Sutyajnik”).  Many public activists improved their qualifications in these seminars.


2005 Annual Report on the Activity of Ombudsman in Sverdlovsk oblast

12 Jan 2006

Head of Sutyajnik on Sutyajnik


“Our activity is not limited to mere household affairs.  Rather, in any case we choose only public interest cases that can change societal attitudes toward human rights.  People should understand their rights, the obligations of authorities, and how legislation really affects various aspects of their lives. And sometimes we manage to push legislators to make important decisions which they admit in official letters addressed to us. We already have a certain authority; we have public recognition. Some people (usually state officials) dislike us, but most regard us with respect.”


Interview with President of Sutyajnik S. I. Beliaev

We Are Accustomed to Being Considered Sick

“Vremia Novostey” No. 10.  25 Jan. 2005.


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