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   The Registrar

   European Court of Human Rights

   Council of Europe

   F-67075 Strasbourg CEDEX


                                                       BY FAX AND COURIER

                                                          19 October 2016

   Contact Person: 

   Anton Burkov

   620075, Russia, Yekaterinburg,

   Turgenev Str., 11-1 

   Korolevy v. Russia

   No 47668/15

   submitted 18 September 2015

   Dear Mr. Ryngielewicz,

   I  acknowledge  receipt  of  your  correspondence of 21 September 2016
   rejecting Korolevs' request under Rule 39 of the Rules of Court.

   Upon  your  request  I inform you that the applicants wish to continue
   with their complaint under the Convention. 

   In  the  original  application Korolevy v. Russia No 47668/15 dated 18
   September  2015  the  applicants  requested  this  Court in section 46
   "Comments"  that this case be treated as a priority case: "Because (a)
   the  complaint  includes  an  Article  3  allegation;  (b)  the  First
   Applicant's  health  is  suffering  during  his  imprisonment; (c) the
   fertility of the Second Applicant and her husband will likely diminish
   over  time,  such  that  even  if  the Russian authorities were in due
   course   to  reverse  their  decision  and  allow  conjugal  visit  or
   facilitate  access  to  ART,  it  might  prove too late, the Applicant
   requests that this case be treated as a priority case".

   The  applicant  has never received a reply to this request. I would be
   grateful if you would inform the applicants of the decision reached on
   this issue.

   I  would  also  be  grateful if you would inform me whether a power of
   attorney  signed  by  Nikolay  Korolev annexed to the request dated 14
   September  2016 for interim measures under Rule 39 was attached to the
   case  file  Korolevy  v. Russia No 47668/15 as well as the rest of the
   documents  annexed  to  the said request which we provided in order to
   update  this Court of the recent developments at the national level in
   the case of Korolevy v. Russia.

   The  Court  is kindly invited to inform the applicant's representative
   by e-mail.

   Yours faithfully,

   Anton Burkov

   The applicants' legal representative

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