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December 2004

Practical School of International Human Rights Protection for Young Lawyers

Sutyajnik has received an 18-month grant from the European Commission as part of the Commission’s European Initiative for Democracy and Human Rights to conduct a “Practical School of International Human Rights Protection for Young Lawyers.”

The aim of the project, which will target students-lawyers, young representatives of NGOs, advocates and lawyers of the municipal and state authorities who have just begun their practice, and lawyers working with NGOs that develop international human rights protection as one of the priorities of their activities, will be to establish a resource educational centre offering practical training of these young lawyers in international protection of human rights from torture, discrimination and Xenophobia, strengthening of connections of regional NGOs through interaction in the course of the project, creation of the network of organizations, specialized in protection of victims of torture, inhuman and degrading treatment, discrimination and Xenophobia, expansion of possibilities for population in providing with free qualified legal aid.

In addition, the project will strengthen the connections of regional NGOs that have the general strategy for struggle against police torture, discrimination, and Xenophobia through the creation of an informal network of such organizations, the development of a strategy for that network and the individual organizations in the efficient and effective selection and management of their Human Rights activities, and the development of effective management skills.

The Practical School will offer participants five sessions, each running three or four days, with sufficient time in between for substantial homework on a variety of Human Rights topics. The project will publish handbooks and produce videos on its work and, at its conclusion, will offer five three-week internships to work at Sutyajnik.



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