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   The ECHR


   Section Registrar

   Mr. So/ren Nielsen

   Application concerned

                                                            17 March 2013

   46998/08 Mikhaylova v. Russia

   Dear Mr. Nielsen,
   I  have  received  from  you  by post on 6 March 2013 a letter dated 5
   February  2013  with  the  attached  memorandum  (observations) by the
   government of the Russian Federation dated 1 February 2013.

   It  is  unfortunately  a  regular  practice  that applicants in Russia
   receive  post from the Court around a month after it was dispatched by
   the  Court.  Therefore,  if  the  government of the Russian Federation
   submitted  an English version of its memorandum by 1 March 2013, as it
   was  required to do, and the Court has dispatched it to us by post, we
   will  likely  receive  it  from  the Court only by around 9 April 2013
   which leaves us no time for preparing our response.

   Having  taken this timeline into account, as well as the fact that the
   representative of the applicant and its legal team work in English and
   intend  to  submit  its  response  to  the  memorandum  by the Russian
   Government  in  English only, I would kindly like to request the Court
   to  extend  the  deadline  of  9  April  2013  for  submission  of the
   applicant's  memorandum  until  9 May 2013. It would be appreciated if
   the  Court  could respond to our extension request by email, to ensure
   that we are given notice before the original deadline passes: my email
   address is ab636@cantab.net.

   The  applicant  will endeavour to file its observations earlier than 9
   May  2013  if  the  Court  can  provide the applicant with the English
   version  of  the  memorandum submitted by the government of Russia via
   email. I kindly request that the English version be sent to my account
   ab636@cantab.net at the earliest convenience please.

   Kind regards,

   Anton Burkov

   representative of Mikhaylova

   tel.: +79161250593

   email: ab636@cantab.net

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