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June 2004: NGO Sutyajnik Update by Anton Burkov

Sutyaniks recent and upcoming activities include the following:
1. Happy Anniversary, NGO SUTYAJNIK. SUTYAJNIK (Yekaterinburg, Russia), a non-governmental human rights organization founded in Yekaterinburg in1994, has released its 2003 Annual Report WE ARE TEN, a comprehensive overview of work completed in its 10th year of operations. As a resource centre for many non-governmental public interest groups of the Urals region, Sutyajnik provides free legal defense of the rights and interests of citizens and their associations. Featuring introduction by Tatyana Merzlyakova, the Ombudsman of Sverdlovsk oblast, the Report provides information on the main three areas of Sutyajnik engagementlegal services (legal counselling, the defense of human rights  in  domestic and international forums), general projects, and public education (sponsoring panels and seminars, interviews on the media, publications). 
Please click for the report in html format, in its entirety. 

2. A Russian represents France in the Model UN Conference. 
Anton Burkov writes a fascinating account of his attendance at the Model UN Conference. As one of the Chevening scholar team, Anton was chosen to represent France at the Commission on Human Rights, although he is actually a native of Russia. This entailed some hard work to get up to speed with French foreign policy and the whole experience provides a glimpse into the inner workings of international diplomacy (Stephen.Farnsworth - British Chevening Scholarships web-site). 
For the essay please refer to

3. Sutyajnik v. Russia Case
The European Court of Human Rights is examining situation with right to a fair trial and right to association in Russia. 
The European Court has admitted the application of non governmental organization Sutyajnik against Russia. Sutyajnik has charged the Russian Federation with violation of the right to a fair trial set by Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights. The Sutyajnik v. Russia case is significant for Russian NGOs because of the 1995 law On non-governmental organizations which forced all NGOs in Russia to undergo re-registration process. 
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4. The NGO Sutyajniks Website 
In March 2004 Sutyajnik launched a new website, , which makes available human rights news reported by the News Agency Sutyajnik-Press, the publications of the organization's attorneys and interns, organisations cases, projects, conferences, reports on human rights situation in Urals, legal advice, etc. The 2003 and 2002 Annual Reports are posted on the website. One can also visit the website to see our faces, register complaints about us, review published interviews given by us - sutyajniks, and find out what we - sutyajniks and the press, the Ombudsman of Sverdlovsk oblast, and the well-known Russian lexicographer Vladimir Dal, think about Sutyajnik 

5. The book entitled The Right to a Fair Trial: European Standards and Russian Practice. 
In June 2004, Sutyajnik published a book entitled The Right to a Fair Trial: European Standards and Russian Practice. It will be the second volume of the series International Human Rights Protection. The authors are: Jeremy McBride, senior lecturer of Birmingham University and Vice-President of the International Centre for the Legal Protection for Human Rights Interights, Anna Demeneva and Elena Goncharova, lawyers with the Urals Centre for Constitutional and International Human Rights Protection of the NGO Sutyajnik, and Svetlana Muchambetova, a lawyer with Social Fund Pravoborets. The book contains the legal analysis of Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights and judgments of the European Court of Human Rights. Also several Russian authors explore the Russian judicial practice and existing problems in the sphere of the right to a fair trial. The book is in the Russian language.
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6. Collected Cases on the 10-year Implementation of the Russian Constitution in a book The Russian Constitution 10 Years of Implementation.
This book due to be published in August 2004 is dedicated to the 10th Year Anniversary of the NGO Sutyajnik. Featuring introduction by the well-known professor of Russian Administrative Law and a member of the Sutyajniks Board of Directors Demyan Bakhrakh the book is composed of the judgments of the Russian courts of different levels and jurisdictions on the human rights cases advocated by the staff of Sutyajnik. All the judgments serve as examples of the direct and effective implementation of the Russian Constitution which is 10 years old as well. The book is edited by Anna Demeneva, an attorney with the NGO Sutyajnik, a post-graduate law student at the Urals State Law Academy (Russia) and Anton Burkov, an attorney, with the NGO Sutyajnik, lecturer in the Department of Administrative Law at the Urals State Law Academy (Russia), as well as a post-graduate law student (LLM in International Human Rights Law) at the University of Essex (Colchester, the UK). The book is in the Russian language. 
For more details in Russian please refer to


7. Down Broadway Toward ... or the Tragic Events Through the Eyes of a Russian Volunteer by Anton Burkov. Please refer to


The update was published in Justice Initiative Fellows Newsletter, October 2004 >>>

Rakevich v. Russia

2003 Annual Report WE ARE TEN
NGO Sutyajnik Annual Report 2003 

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